Add New Surnames

How to Add New Surnames
Once you are all set up and doing more research, a website gives you three generations of Mrs. Sarah Perry's ancestors. You check and find these families have good documentation. Now you know she was Sarah Harris! You want to add these new families to your filing system. These people are in your Yellow line.

You find Sarah's ancestors! Verify the information, then add to your filing system.


To add this information to the file:

1. Make new yellow hanging surname folders for: Harris, Crosley, James, Hand, and Johnson.

2. Add highlighted pedigree charts to the folders to see how these people are related to you.

3. Make family group sheet for Sarah Harris as a child with her father, Jacob Harris

4. Continue making other family groups and filing them for each of these new families.

It is just that simple to add new families to your filing system as you find new information.