Do These 4 Steps First

Step 1.
Gather together the records, documents and pictures you already have that provide genealogy information. 

Step 2.
Fill in a pedigree chart with your name and the names of your parents and grandparents. Include birth, marriage, and death dates and places if you know them. Right now you don't need to fill in information about your great grandparents and other ancestors further back. After your filing system is set up, you will be adding as much as you can about ancestors further back in your genealogy. Use a family history software program if you have computer access.

Step 3.
Label 4 temporary boxes for each of your 4 grandparents. Divide up the items you found in Step 1 by the four surnames of your grandparents and place in the appropriate box. Make sure to use your grandmothers' maiden names as the surnames on their containers. Depending on how much information you have, you may have a large or small box for each of your four grandparent surnames.

Step 4. 
Now let's get your filing system set up! Then you will have a place for each family. Updating pedigree charts and family group records will be a lot easier. 

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